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Participating in the TAHMO 2013 and 2014 Project

Sometime 2012, I was just finishing classes from the department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering in Obafemi Awolowo University and I came across a flyer on the departmental board.I didn't know why I removed the flyer and took it home, in hindsight, while it might have prevented other folks from applying, it did make us have the biggest chance to play a role in the project. I say this because we did a lot of amazing work to contribute to the project and get invited to Nairobi, Kenya in 2013 and Akure, Nigeria in 2014

abdulquadri sotomiwa

So who is we?

We are 6 friends from the same uni, same major. Only difference was, I was not in the same class, I was in 200 level while they were in 300 level. The 6 of us are; Babafemi David Aluko, Abdulhafeez Olaide Odetoyinbo, Niyi Funsho Oke, Abdullah Akolade Okunola, Taofeeq Ishola Salau and Abdulquadri Abiodun Sotomiwa.

The real story about this bunch is how incredibly talented they all were and they motivate me a lot.

  • Abdullah Akolade Okunola is my very good friend, we've known each other since when we were 9 years old. And guess what, he's a scholar. In every sense, Abdullah is one of the few people in this world that I can call a genius. I wrote about Abdullah here, he's my brother, my blood in every sense of the word
  • Babafemi David Aluko took interest in programming from a young age, he also plays the guitar. I always admired Femi for his funny personality and never taking anything serious but in true sense of the word, he's a very intelligent human.
  • Taofeeq Ishola Salau; I call him the king of positivity. BabaNee like we call him as such a positive spirit and he thinks nothing is impossible. I have such a huge respect for him and the many things he taught me about being optimistic about everything
  • Niyi Funsho Oke; Ben10 like we call him is someone I have a huge admiration for. There was a time whee we were stuck while preparing the application for TAHMO and Ben put on his 10amour and got us out of it. When you think about taking the initiative, Ben was that person
  • Abdulhafeez Olaide Odetoyinbo; ever smilling "Fizzle". This guy is special in every sense. Has the calmest aura and shares a unique and deep perspective on everything. I think there's no way you can't like Fizzle

As you can see, these are very smart people that I rolled with in school and participated in the TAHMO project with

abdulquadri sotomiwa abdulquadri sotomiwa So what did we build? Our background and local context gave us this unbelievable edge to think about solutions with the innocence abd first principle thinking required. Here's a snapshot of our submission: abdulquadri sotomiwa abdulquadri sotomiwa abdulquadri sotomiwa abdulquadri sotomiwa

They loved our proposal and immediately invited us for Round two Interviews

abdulquadri sotomiwa

WHy did I write about this experience? I think its one of the few experiences where the engineer in me was seen outside. I really liked business and Entreprenuership but I barely show interest in hacking hardware stuff and what I learn studying ELectrical Engineering