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product designer, (budding) product manager

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Lagos, Nigeria

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I’m impact-driven and I deeply care about designing efficient, inclusive and delightful product experiences. Having worked in various roles from branding, marketing, content strategy, visual (UI) design, UX design and recently front-end development; I have developed an interdisciplinary skillset that enables me design products in a holistic way.

My lifelong goal is to be a leader at the nexus of technology, management and interaction design. When I am not working; I enjoy traveling, hiking, swimming, photography/videography, learning new languages and attending concerts.

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meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology, MEST (Ghana)

2017 - 2018

Product Design, Front-End Development & Entrepreneurship

Alison (Ireland)


Diploma Course in Project Management

Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Hong Kong)


UX Design Summer Program

Obafemi Awolowo University (Nigeria)

2011 - 2016

BSc Electronics & Electrical Engineering

Products I have worked on_



How might we help small businesses in Africa stay compliant and focus on their core which ultimately is "to make money" while we help them with administrative (HR) functions? How might we increase employee satisfaction?

case study available on request www.rovedana.com/hr360



How might we help MTN mobile money agents drive KYC when onboarding new customers through facial recognition and document authentication? How might we help them keep records of transaction (deposit and withdrawals) for easy tracking?

case study available on request www.appruve.co


Chekkit Anti-Counterfeiting

How might we help end users of products (medicine, food et al.) verify the authenticity of what they are about to consume? How might we help manufacturers of these products track how their product moves through the supply chain, get feedback from consumers and make appropriate improvements?

case study available on request www.chekkitapp.com


FrostPay Africa

How might we explore a new frontier that allows African businesses accept online payment through cryptocurrencies and get paid its equivalent in their local currency through an app?

case study available on request www.frostpay.africa



How might we solve the distrust that exists in the online (social ecommerce) transactions by giving more power to the buyer (purchaser) when they are engaging a seller (merchant)?

case study available on request www.vesicash.com


Estate Intel

How might we demonstrate enough value to construction industry players to make them ditch their current manual and expensive data gathering research approach on African commercial real estate properties and use a more robust and centralized app?

case study available on request www.estateintel.com


Love With Ribbons

How might we help ease how about-to-marry couples accept wedding gifts; event planners do their job more efficiently?

case study available on request www.withribbons.com

Inclusive Financial Technology

How might we help people at the bottom of the pyramid get access to financial services? How might we help drive financial inclusion in a highly regulated space?

case study available on request www.inclusiveft.com

GIZ Farmers Business School

How might we help more than 1 million smallholder farmers under the GIZ SSA Farmers Business School program improve their farm management skills, investment strategies and access to financial services?

case study available on request www.fbsinnova.com


How might we help facility owners manage facilities so they can provide the best experience for their occupants? How might we help build new ways for facility managers to aggregate and resolve maintenance requests?

case study available on request www.joluud.com


How might we help home owners, property buyers, sellers, renters, real estate professionals, investors and mortgage institutions find and share vital information about homes and real estate?

case study available on request www.hutbay.com

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