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Travelling Abroad to Hong Kong for the First Time in University

The year was 2015 and for the first time ever, I travelled via a Plane. From Lagos to South Africa, from South Africa to Hong Kong and back. This is one of the most beautiful experiencees of my life as a 23 year old.

This wouldn't have been possible if not for Allah, my parents and Ademola Oduguwa. Ademola is one of thise people I hope I am successful enough to be there for as we all age. From the small room in Fajuyi Hall to the world. He was my mentor and helped shaped my path. Not only was he a senior in school, he knew business and the art of being successful at it and he helped me on this particular journey.

Thank you Ademola Oduguwa, our story hasn't ended, I know we are trying to figure life out. I know for sure that you will see me more and I will repay this kindness, if not on you but on your kids, siblings and family.

What was HongKong about? It's infact a summer program that gathers the World's best minds for different activities; design thinking, pitches and starting a business. Its an innovation progran for University students

The onward trip was smooth and I enjoyed it

The plane is cold, very cold and honestly, I tried but I couldn't stop squeezing my face. Here are my mates, we boarded together

The trip from SA to Hong Kong was long, its close to 12 hours. It was super draining but when we got on the island. Oh my, it was beautiful. We were taken from the airport to our lodge.

After resting, we went out to check out the venue of the program i.e. the magnificent Hong King Polytechnic University

abdulquadri sotomiwa

Its massive and theres no way our University back home can beat this, this ship style structure blew my mind and I couldn't stop telling everyone about it

I made some new friends and we decided to go checkout the longest bridge in HK

Thank you to my parents and Ademola Oduguwa for this trip