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Finishing from Obafemi Awolowo University

This was one of the best phase of my life. I finished from Obafemi Awolowo University!!!

I remember the first day I got into campus. My mum and dad drove me to the car park in Ogo-oluwa in Osogbo. It was one of the few times my parents knew I was going to be gone from them for a long time and we were all in tears. The hugs were special and stayed with me a long Time I got into school, something happened before I located my hostel; I might someone and told them I was going to The FAJ (i.e. Fajuyi Hostel) I could see the laugh literally fall off their face but they were still kind and showed me where to go.

I met Jide, Babs, Taiwo Aregbesola, Sheggz in the room and found a liking for them. I started school off great.

It was beuatiful, attending my first class in Ajose, and I got to love the campus really.

...filling this gap here....

These pictures are from Final Year Defence with my classmates.

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I hope we all succeed