Project Kinopy

Kinopy is a DIY fun-project app for kids. We redesigned Kinopy’s marketing site to create an in-browser experience.

The Problem

Parents today are overwhelmed with options for education + entertainment for their kids. With educative channels on DSTV and YouTube, they can passively occupy their child at minimal cost. We realized that parents are skeptical about paying for yet another entertainment subscription, especially when they are unfamiliar with the content.

Reaching The Right Parents

We needed to communicate to parents Kinopy’s value: the world’s best DIY fun-project app plus original content produced by experts, all within a controlled and ad-free environment safe for kids. We discovered that parents most receptive to this message are affluent (with an extra #2,000 to spend per month) and educated). We decided to expand the site from a long scroll landing page to one that breaks out detailed information about the product. Informing users about the team who built Kinopy, reputable media’s trust in it, and the content of the projects app’s library provides incentive to sign up for a free trial.

My Role:

UI/UX Designer


Aug 2017

Live Site:

Under Development

persona image

User Personas


Low Fidelity Wireframes

Playful, But Trustworthy

Because we work for a company full of creative minds, we had the ideal user interview candidates sitting right next to us. We interviewed parents around our office about several of our design explorations for the site. We learned that they wanted to feel like the tone of our design was targeted to their children. They liked personality and quirk, but we also discovered that too much flippancy could turn parents off. Ultimately, parents’ top concern was trust: is this product safe for my kids?


Final style direction, based on testing results

final website design

Homepage High-Fidelity Prototype

final website design

Project Library High-Fidelity Prototype

final website design

Press Page High-Fidelity Prototype

final website design

SignUp High-Fidelity Prototype

final website design

Contact Page High-Fidelity Prototype

6. Lessons Learnt From Project

It was my first time getting hands-on experience of how a website's Information Archietecture could either increase or decrease trust amongst potential users. I also learnt how to create moodboards when choosing colors to work with and the experience made me appreciate how products I adore appeal to me so much; they must have done some moodboard color choice testing (o.O)